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a portal to metaverse


Mission statement

The goal of project-x is to help content creators to monetise their creations independent of which social media platform or other sources they use to share and promote their content with their fans.
Years of combined experience
We have an experienced team with more than 5 years of combined experience in social media, smart contract development, NFT eco-system and more.
Our community has grown at a neck breaking speed and we currently have more than 35K holders and growing.



We have allocated 10million PEX for our staking solution to be distributed between several staking options. Our first staking contract has been passed the audited with flying colors. Please feel free to read the audit report.


PEX Eco-system

We are building a decentralized ecosystem for content creators. Our service PEX ecosystem is built based on three pillars:
Non-Fungible Token
The non-Fungible tokens are an inseparable part of the future of interactions between content creators and their fans. Project-X will be providing smart contracts for minting NFT, a gallery for presenting the NFTs, and a marketplace for buying and selling the NFT tokens.
Advertisement and promotion
Advertising and promoting specific content in social media have a variety of restrictions and it is not the most effective way for content creators to find and attract new audiences. The PEX innovative solution will allow content creators to create a custom campaign and incentivize exactly what they need.
Gaming and gamification
Providing engaging content is important. To this end, Project-X aims to leverage Games and Gamification to create a fun user experience when our users engage with our products.


The project treasury is currently allocated to three main activities: product development, sales and marketing, and community.

Solidity Finance


Our token smart contract is audited by Solidity Finance and we have passed by flying colors. Here is the short summary:
  • - No external threats were identified.
  • - 92.13% of the total supply has been sent to the 0x..dead address.
  • - 92.45% of the LP tokens are locked.


Use case development
March 2021
Our use case was developed in several workshops in collaboration content creators on multiple social media platforms (Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, and TikTok)
Proof of concept development
May 2021
After evaluating several L1, we chose Binance smart chain (BSC) as the platform for launching our solution due to its low transaction fees. We evaluated different web3 technology and identified the building blocks needed to build our solution
Team Onboarding
August 2021
We onboarded smart contract developer and two web3 developers to work on productification of our proof of concept
Token Launch
November 2021
We launched our token on second of November. The token has a fixed supply of 100 billion PEX token and no more token can ever be minted.
Due to rapid raise of our prices, the PEX team decided to reduce the token supply by burning 92% of supply by sending it to the Burn address. This decision was taken to protect our holders. Burned address
Staking Contract
January 2022
We are working on variety of staking solutions. Our classic staking smart contract is to be launched on early January. For more information, check our medium post on our Staking Solution
NFT gallery & market
February 2022
We are going to launch our NFT gallery and marketplace where we will be promoting talented artists.
Onboarding content creators
March 2022
After launching our NFT gallery, we will be expanding quickly by onboarding content creators. We will leverage the network effect of social media combined with our reward program to onboard content creators and fans into our solution.
Content promotion and advertising
April 2022
We aim to provide one stop shop for content creators to expand their network and influence by promoting their channels or contents by leveraging PEX community. We will publish a separate white paper on our plans later in Q1.